We believe in courage. We believe in helping others. And we believe that through investing in sound scientific research, hope for sarcoma cures can spread throughout the globe.

It’s a cause worthy of our attention, because when it comes to treating the over 150 genetic expressions of this rare cancer, few sufferers have access to cutting-edge treatment options, and about half won’t live beyond 5 years – a statistic that hasn’t changed for decades. The Paula Takacs Foundation has committed to fund the sarcoma research program at Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, NC. For patients in the Carolinas, that means increasing the availability of novel treatment options, and a real possibility for remission and cures. For the world at large, this means uncovering mysteries that will lead to solid answers and expand global hope. We hope you will choose to become a stakeholder in this sarcoma research program by donating, volunteering, and participating in fundraising events.


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Learn how our foundation’s partnership with  Levine Cancer Institute is changing the lives of sarcoma sufferers by funding new research!